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Earth is the Home we Share

CDUK works to provide environmentally sustainable solutions & self help
projects in the developing world


The Rev. Dr. Alan Cartwright Memorial Project - Mampong, Ghana, Africa

Supporting an aging rural primary school in Ghana, " a project after Alan's heart".

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Woman & Child Development Center - Florencia Varella, Argentina

"it is hard living in a shanty town as no one trusts you so you can't get work when they know where you live, people think everyone who lives here is a robber, a thief or violent & dishonest. If you are lucky you can get a job where no one knows you, cleaning rich peoples house far away from us, & then what do we do with our small children?"

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Leather & Sewing Workshops

Young people & single mothers learning a trade, living in a shanty town, their tiny income might be all that supports the family.

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Aid to Refugees

We have sent quantities of aid to refugees in Ukraine, Greece, Palestine, France & more recently Syria

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Luz Del Alma - Light of the Soul

" please help us" said a volunteer, " we are feeding 130 children twice a day in the soup kitchen of a shanty town in Espeletta"

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Windmills & Water

"Sometimes the chioce was water or food"

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Water Harvesting Tanks

When a well runs dry there can be other options

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The Giving Machine & The Giving Lottery

The Giving Machine & The Giving Lottery The Giving Machine & The Giving Lottery
You can choose from over 2000 shops to raise funds for our work, not just Amazon Smile who support us too


A wonderful opportunity to win £25,000 each week for on;y £1 & charities get 60%. This is a really fun way to suport CDUK, just click on the link and sign up

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Trees are our air conditioning system

Planting trees may help to save the planet from climate decline


TREES are beautiful & essential to the environment & our life on earth - they are our air conditioning systems, absorbing CO2 & providing Oxygen, they help to prevent flooding & soil erosion by taking water from the ground & recycling it, they give us shade, provide a habitat for wildlife, give us foods - fruits & nuts.  

These are some of the reasons CDUK always plant trees at our projects abroad. Because we want to increase our tree planting we are teaming up with Trees for Cities.  So, for every £100 donated to us we will pay for one tree to be planted in the UK & one to be planted in a country abroad where we work.

Why are we doing this?

CDUK believe that here in the developed world - where the Industrial Revolution began, we have a duty & responsibility to help redress the balance of the damage we unwittingly caused by air pollution & which is getting dangerously out of control.  It is as important for us in the UK to do all we can to reverse the problems of Climate Change but many developing countries do not have our resources so we want to do our bit to reduce CO2 here & abroad with every £100 of your support.

You can make a donation on this site, thank you

For the latest information on our activities visit our Facebook page, while this site is under construction.  You can make suggestions and ask about our work and how you can get involved on the Contact Us page of this site.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Scroll down and click on any Facebook icon.

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About Us

About Us About Us
CDUK is a registered international charity number 1113505, based in Dolgellau, North Wales, working directly with children, families & communities in shanty towns, rural mountain schools & refugee camps.

We have provided wells, fruit trees, a woman & child development centre, school buildings, vegetable gardens, wind turbines, educational materials, rainwater harvesting tanks, industrial sewing machines & workshops, latrine doors, libraries, hand knitted clothing & send aid to refugees.

We encourage self help projects, environmental awareness, good practice & sustainability in the UK & abroad via our fundraising & projects. We are all volunteers & our work is entirely dependent upon your voluntary contributions. Why not join us or go to our donations page & make a regular donation?
We can do nothing without your support.

You can raise money for CDUK simply by buying online from and choosing Compassion Direct UK as your charity to support. Your product costs no more but CDUK get the benefit.

WHAT ARE OUR USP's? (Unique Selling Points)

  • We work directly with people & organisations  avoiding uneccessary expense &  bureaucracy.
  • We consult with local people to advise us on what needs to be done at their particular project.
  • We take into account the environmental impact of our work, plant trees to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • We encourage people to help themselves by providing practical, sustainable, self help projects.
  • Because we are all, often, professional volunteers we have very low overheads so your money goes where it is most needed
Photos: boy waiting for a soup kitchen to open in a shanty town in Quilmes, Argentina & boring a hole to find water - they had to go down 100m, in Ashanti Ghana

Would you like to  Volunteer with CDUK?

By volunteering you can meet new people, have fun whilst making a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest & most dispossessed people in the world.  

Your gift of time, skills & experience will be appreciated & you will be made welcome, valued & trained by the organization, you will also be helping us to promote a more environmentally friendly planet.

If you have a couple of hours a week or month to spare, volunteers help to raise awareness of our work through administration - stuffing envelopes, taking minutes, promotion, fundraising & public relations events, maintaining collecting tins, running local supporter group, running an annual sponsored walk or other event, recruite & coordinate volunteers, writting funding grant applications, local IT, and/or you might like to become a Trustee? Many of our Trustee roles am remote & so we on;ly meet once a year at our AGM.

Go to our volunteer’s page to find out more about how you can help, & for ideas to get you started, we look forward to meeting you. We work with you face to face or remotely via phone or Skype.
We are all volunteers; our work depends entirely on voluntary contributions.

Earth is the Home we Share

Earth is the Home we Share Earth is the Home we Share Earth is the Home we Share
Who we are..........

The Trustees of CDUK are professional volunteers, experienced in their field.

We are able to complete projects at a fraction of the costs of some larger charities.

How?  For example, we were able to build and equipe a Woman & Child Development Centre for £10,000, this included running it, using visiting psychologists, educationalists, social workers, and lawyers to assist in client development . The centre was run for a year before it was taken over to be run by the government which was our aim.  All this was possible because one of our volunter Trustees worked directly with the people in the shanty town.  We provided the money and under our supervision and with consultation & cooperation, they provided the labour.

"Why should I care about supporting children abroad, do we not have enough problems of our own in the UK to deal with?"

CDUK's strapline is 'Earth is the Home we Share' this phrase underpins all our work.  Why do we feel that way, read on ..............

CDUK believe that everyone on this planet is interdependent and that we are all in some way interrelated. We live in a global economy, we eat foods from all over the world, we export and import goods and services; sea and air pollution blown by winds, spread by tides, climate change and environmental degredation is a global challenge for us all, so in a nut shell.........

Global challenges require global solutions, they require educated minds from all over the world to come together to make the vital decisions that are needed to sustainably maintain our planet for future generations.

Imagine that maybe one of the children from one of CDUK's international projects, the Kyebi Primary School in Ghana which our supporters funded, maybe someone who is part of this enormous and vital global decision making process when they are adult?

Imagine the goodwill if that child remembers the assistance that was given at an early age by people in the UK who cared, to their school?

We are all aware of the importance of education in the UK, please help us to facilitate education and environmental sustainability at our projects

Please go to our projects page to find out more

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Want to be a Trustee?

Want to be a Trustee? Want to be a Trustee? Want to be a Trustee?
Becoming a Trustee with CDUK will enable you to help some of the poorest & most disadvantaged people in the world.

Because we are a small organisation, our trustees don't just make policy decisions round a table, we are a hands on organisation, we get down to grass roots & get involved in our local areas when we can.

Depending upon the time we have available & our personal skills, we do PR, admin, IT, applications for funds, plan strategy, or organise fundraising events, etc. working with other volunteers & local groups in the area. Working to our strengths & discussing what works with the chairman, other trustees & relevant volunteers.


Most importantly we agree what time we have available & plan our workload within the time we are able to give. You may only have 1 hour a week available but if you put your mind to it, it is amazing what can be achieved in an hour when working to a plan & within a team. 1 hour or 1 day a week we can find a way to make your time count. But we prefer it if you enjoy what you are doing with CDUK & that you have some fun along the way as well as job satisfaction.


These days most of us can work remotely & meet up on Skype etc. & at the AGM once a year unless we have organised a remote AGM. We are too busy doing what needs to be done to call meetings all the time, but we do keep in touch regularly & chat online. Facebook & Twitter keeps us up to date as does the website.


The Trustees have a policy of never promising what we can't afford to deliver. That means that if we don't have the cash in the bank we don't do the project. This way Trustees do not have to concern themselves that we might go overdrawn or get into debt for which they might be liable. We just don't do it! Then we can all relax!

We decide what we want to do, raise the money - if we don't already have it, & do the project. Neither do we promise to projects what we can't fulfil.

Sometimes you might prefer towork with us for a short time as a volunteer before becoming a trustee. Then when you get the feel of the organisation we can talk over whre you feel your strengths lie and how we can fit them to a role. All trustees work a minimum 6 months probationary period & while during that time their views will be taken into account they will not be allowed to vote until they have completed their probation.


We have leaflets and collecting tins available to be distributed throughout your local area & varous fundraising aids such as display boards & banners.

So, if you are interested, give our chairman a call on 01341 388649 or fill in the contact box on this site & we can take it from there. Don't forget we are all volunteers here at CDUK so you will be one of the team.

Volunteering with CDUK

Raise funds, have fun, meet new people, do something wonderful today

"Be the change you want to see in the world" M Ghandi. Giving is not just about making a donation it is about helping to make a difference.

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Some FUN raising ideas


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Insurance & equipement

The boring but useful stuff! How do we support you?

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Setting up a Knitting Group

Knitting groups enable you to meet new people & have fun sharing a favorite craft.

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How do CDUK raise money?

Income Streams “No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank

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Our Trustee Team

Ros Grant

Chair of Trustees

Ros is the founder of CDUK and CEO, she believes that we have the power to change the world we live in for the better and is a keen environmentalist.

Chris Cartwright


Chris spent time in Africa which inspired her to do all she could to help people to help themselves. She is the main collection point for our Knit for Kids project.

Leandro Ghezzi


Leo is Argentinan and has been with CDUK from the start. He advises us on South American culture and translates Spanish for us, we can't stop him planting trees!.

Don Graham


Don is our most recent Trustee and our IT guru, a vital resource in today’s hi tech world. Don lived many years in Colombia where he helped provide IT solutions to schools teaching English.



What we can do to help

At CDUK, we treat a complaint as an opportunity to improve our procedures and practices.

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We are all responsible for the future of our children

All activities and organisations have some impact upon the environment and CDUK wish to minimise our carbon footprint where possible.

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Rainy Day Fund

financial reserve in line with our current income and expenditure are necessary for the effective working of the charity.

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We are all volunteers at CDUK, why not join us

CDUK believe that our fundraising & campaigning work is a partnership between volunteers & trustees. Volunteers make a real, practical, difference to the lives of some of the poorest & most dispossessed peoples in the world.

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CDUK sees a future in which business makes a net positive contribution to the well-being of society and the planet.


“reasonable measures, reasonably applied”.

“reasonable measures, reasonably applied”.

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cultural diversity positively enriches our lives so that everyone has an equal contribution to make to our society

cultural diversity positively enriches our lives so that everyone has an equal contribution to make to our society

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  • Dolgellau, Gwynedd. UK
  • Registered charity number 1113505


  • Dolgellau, Gwynedd. UK
  • Registered charity number 1113505