We are all responsible for the future of our children

All activities and organisations have some impact upon the environment and CDUK wish to minimise our carbon footprint where possible.

All activities and organisations have some impact upon the environment and CDUK wish to minimise our carbon footprint where possible.  To this end,

CDUK will continuously seek to improve environmental performance and to reduce pollution, emissions and waste, monitoring our performance annually.

CDUK will educate and train trustees and supporters in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.    


Only print when necessary

Print in draft quality

Print on both sides of paper

Recycle ink cartridges

Reuse scrap paper

Recycle all used paper

Reuse packaging materials

Not use plastic bags as bin liners.

Use biodegradable chemicals and minimise use of solvents and lead based paints.

Use recycled timber or timber from sustainable managed forests.

Use low energy light bulbs and switch off lights when not in use.

Keep room temperatures at 19c or below

Minimise the toilet water flush levels.

Buy recycled office furniture

Use eco-friendly cleaning products and fair trade tea and coffee.

Turn off all electrical equipment at night and change old computer monitors for more efficient flat screens


Travel by bus or train where it is not possible to walk, only travelling by car on CDUK business when necessary.

Encourage car sharing by colleagues where appropriate.

Only travel abroad when absolutely necessary, remaining abroad for longer in order to complete several projects.


Raise awareness, encourage participation and train supporters in environmental matters, liaising with the local community.  Participate in discussions about environmental issues.

CDUK will encourage fundraising activities using recycled materials such as jumble sales, nearly new sales, bring and buy sales, clothes swaps, car boot sales, auctions & book swaps.

CDUK will discourage the use of disposable items such as plastic cups, plates & cutlery.

CDUK will publish our environment policy on our website.

The Trustees of CDUK will hold an annual environmental audit.

CDUK will sign up to the Governments Third Sector Declaration at www.everyactioncounts.org.uk and commit to taking action to tackle climate change throughout our organisation and community.


CDUK will encourage environmentally sustainable solutions at our overseas projects, such as wind & solar power for energy and water production, bio fuel tanks to produce gas for cooking.  We will seek to discuss and inform projects of the importance of maintaining our vital ecosystems and working within necessary boundaries.  We encourage planting of fruit trees and other species at all our projects as standard.

Compassion Direct UK 14/06/2020