Earth is the Home we Share

Who we are..........

The Trustees of CDUK are professional volunteers, experienced in their field.  We are able to complete projects at a fraction of the costs of some larger charities.

How?  For example, we built & equiped a Woman & Child Development Centre for £10,000, which  included running it, employing visiting psychologists, educationalists, social workers, & lawyers to assist in client development . The centre was run for a year before it was taken over by the government which was our aim.  All this was possible because one of our volunter Trustees worked directly with the people in the shanty town.  We provided the money & under our supervision, with consultation & cooperation, they provided the labour.

"Why should I care about supporting children abroad, do we not have enough problems of our own in the UK to deal with?"

CDUK's strapline is 'Earth is the Home we Share' this phrase underpins all our work.  
Why do we feel that way, read on ..............

CDUK believe that everyone on this planet is interdependent and that we are all in some way interrelated. We live in a global economy, we eat foods from all over the world, we export and import goods and services; sea and air pollution blown by winds, spread by tides, climate change and environmental degredation is a global challenge for us all, so in a nut shell.........

Global challenges require global solutions, they require educated minds from all over the world to come together to make the vital decisions that are needed to sustainably maintain our planet for future generations.

Imagine that maybe one of the children from one of CDUK's international projects, the Kyebi Primary School in Ghana which our supporters funded, maybe someone who is part of this enormous and vital global decision making process when they are adult?

Imagine the goodwill if that child remembers the assistance that was given at an early age by people in the UK who cared, to their school?

We are all aware of the importance of education in the UK, please help us to facilitate education and environmental sustainability at our projects

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