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We need 100 wonderful people to make a Standing Order of £5 a month to help us realise our dream of getting at least 200 children each year out of the cycle of poverty.  BY RENEWING A FOOD PROGRAMME AT THE LOCAL CHURCH SCHOOL.

YOUR DONATION WILL HELP RESTART THE FOOD PROGRAMME where families are trapped in a cycle of poverty & Mothers are dying of HIV leaving orphans dependent upon goodwill because there are no orphanages.

CDUK is run by professional volunteers, the charity has low overheads, around 90% of your donation will feed the children. With Gift Aid we claim tax & add 25% to your donation.  Follow us on Facebook :

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Pre-Covid 19 160 children attended school until a USA funded food programme ran out in 2021, now these children starve & receive no education. A free daily meal was a family’s incentive to send children to be educated, it kept children alive & took pressure off the families.

More than 60 of the children attended school free as they were orphans of HIV mothers
& depended on the daily meal for life. Since Covid many have died of starvation & there are now more orphans than ever!

Pastor Phillipe ran the school, he told our chairman Ros it “closed when the food programme ran out because without the daily meal students drifted away, if we had funds for food, we could restart this valuable opportunity immediately & the children would return”.

Before Covid 19 in 2020, our chairman Ros, was researching projects & visited this once thriving church School & community centre with Bishop Enock from the Church of God’s People in Kigali. CDUK decided to help with fundamental self-help projects. In late 2020 we funded two Water Harvesting Tanks so that the school did not have to travel 7 miles for clean water. We also pledged to build a sewing workshop to help mothers with HIV learn a trade to support their children. (We completed the Sewing Workshop in 2023). We hope to provide a well for the village.


Bishop Enock died suddenly at the age of 51 from throat cancer therefore the link with the USA provider was broken & the food programme ended. Gradually pupils drifted away, the school had died & the children starved. The building stands used for Church services, before it was a community hub, much potential has been lost!

This was the situation that our chairman discovered in 2023 when she visited to equip & inspect the new sewing cooperative workshop, CDUK had funded, built behind the Church for the use of HIV mothers. The Sewing workshop run by volunteers is thriving! In time many lives will be saved. But the church school needs funds to feed their children while mothers learn!
Please help us to help this village with a proven practical project. DONATE £5 A MONTH. Read on to find out why you should donate to CDUK

WHY donate to CDUK?

If CDUK are able to fund a food programme at the Church School we can help to get more than 200 children out of poverty annually. They will grow to be useful members of their society.

BY finding 100 people who care enough to make a standing order of £5 a month we can support this village by educating & feeding their children. What a legacy! You can be part of this and know that you helped a child to learn & contribute to a better global future.

Helping people to help themselves in their native homes discourages the need to emigrate, so your donation can also help in a small way to prevent dangerous boat crossing over the channel.

Imagine the frustration of seeing your children hungry every day & knowing that you are unable to find work to earn & feed your family!

Education provides stability in life, & can never be taken away. By being well-educated you increases chances of a better future in a competitive world & can contribute to family & community.

Education provides financial security, as well as providing essential skills & can take village children & their families out of the circle of poverty. Education promotes equality, social mobility & allows self-dependency.

By joining our Special 100 wonderful people, and making a Standing Order of £5 a month you will help us to realise our dream of getting many children educated & out of the cycle of poverty. Go to our Donations page to download a Standing Order form. 

Thank you for caring enough to wish to help.