Pillowcase Dresses & Bermuda shorts for  African children

Pillowcase Dresses & Bermuda shorts for African children

CDUK encourages recycling to conserve the earths depleted resources. . Here are guidelines on how to send dresses out of unwanted cotton pillowslips and Bermuda shorts for boys from recycled curtain material and bed linen We have taken dresses and shorts to orphans in Ghana and Rwanda made by our volunteers in Stratford upon Avon & Ratley in Warwickshire and from Dolgellau Woman's Fellowship in Wales but we need many more for our new project in Eastern Rwanda - see Rwanda project page. Please can you get together with friends and form a sewing group? Our grateful thanks more recently go to Sarah, Jayne and Diana from Studley who have generously sent beautiful items for me to take to Rwanda in March 2023 when I visited to finalise the Sewing Workshop for HIV mothers. UNWANTED SHEETS & DUVETS? Now we have the workshop the new trainees need unwanted sheets and duvets to use for their first attempts, can you collect a 2 kilo pack to send, if so, go to our Sewing Strips page You will need to raise the money for the postage too please. Send 2 kilo parcels to The Church of Gods People BP6595 Kigali Rwanda Please do not send more than 2 parcels at any one time as they may be seen as a commercial enterprise and be confiscated. Leave a couple of weeks between postage. On the Customs Declaration strip state gift of home made dresses and shorts for village children. For Sewing Strips state only Gift of Sewing Strips for Village Mothers. Before you send your gift contact Ros on 07773470384 so that she can alert the Church as they have to collect the parcels from their post office. Thanks Also it would be great if you could send photos of your group - in action if possible, for us to post on Facebook. Send to compassiondirectuk@gmail.com. Join our Facebook page www.facebook.com@thisearthisourhomeand Like our new pages.

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