CDUK sees a future in which business makes a net positive contribution to the well-being of society and the planet.

CDUK - Business and Industry Engagement Policy


CDUK  sees a future in which business makes a net positive contribution to the well-being of society and the planet.


To achieve this, CDUK will engage in challenging and innovative partnerships with business to drive change and generate income.

Business Sustainability

Business and industry groups are increasingly recognizing their responsibilities to society and the environment.  For example, former HSBC Chairman Sir John Bond said, "companies as well as individuals have a responsibility for the stewardship of this planet, which we hold in trust for the future".

CDUK also believes that it is the health of our natural world and the education and development of our children that determines the health of our economy and in turn that it is the activities within our economy in particular business that determines the health of our planet. 

There is an essential link between education, development, the environment, the economy and business competitiveness.  We must all encompass developmental educational, financial and environmental costs and recognise our interdependence.

In an increasingly carbon and natural resource-constrained world, developmental, educational, & environmental leadership will be a key differentiator. 

Investors, consumers and policy makers are driving greener production of goods and services for a healthy and well educated population and so those companies that choose to set the agenda rather than be led by it, will gain the edge on their competitors.

Working with business and industry

CDUKs approach to business is constructive, collaborative and challenging as we are convinced that the business community offers one of the most effective routes to finding sustainable solutions to the world's pressing developmental & environmental challenges. We believe our vision can be achieved to maximum effect by working in partnership with business and by harnessing the influence, expertise, and financial support of companies committed to developmental & sustainable business practices.

CDUK will enter into partnership if the engagement provides a ‘strategic fit’ to CDUK’s key objectives and will set clear and measurable objectives  as part of the decision making process for agreeing a new engagement.

CDUK reserve the right to withdraw from any relationship at the Chairman’s discretion following an unresolved breakdown in communication.

CDUK will exclude investing in or taking money from companies whose core business is: -

• Armaments (offensive armaments and weapons systems)

• Tobacco

• Trade in CITES Appendix 1 listed flora and/or fauna

• Medical testing on endangered species

Where a company, which would otherwise meet CDUK's partnership or investment criteria, is a subsidiary of a conglomerate whose core business falls into these categories, that subsidiary shall be treated with extreme caution.


Extreme caution is applied where investing in or taking money from companies might result in an overall conflict of interests, offend our supporters and partners, and damage CDUK’s brand and reputation.

Trustees have to strike a balance between managing brand risks and fulfilling our obligations to maximize charitable income.

Ros Grant – Chairman of Trustees Compassion Direct UK