Raise funds, have fun, meet new people, do something wonderful today

Raise funds, have fun, meet new people, do something wonderful today

Much of our income comes from donations through fund-raisers like you! Every donation – no matter how big or small – makes a difference especially as we have lower overheads working from home and being volunteers with no hugh saleries to pay out.. Here are just a few examples of what your fundraising efforts could buy:


buys paper and pencils for a schoolchild living in a shanty town to do homework


will buy a spade to grow family food or for a gardener to find work outside the shanty town


supplies a rural mountain child with basic school equipment s/he needs for a year


buys 2 fruit trees to provide vitamins for children living in rural mountain schools


buys a bicycle so that a shanty or rural mountain dweller can get to and find work


will set up a kindergarten with toys, tables, chairs and materials


will buy an industrial sewing machine to teach sewing skills at a project

Fundraising Tips

'ask us for our '100 ways to raise money;or go on line and search for ideas, better still come up with your own ideas!

  • Be creative - think of fun things to do and the best time to do it
  • Plan ahead and break your organisation into bits with different activities you can arrange easily
  • Check if there are other major activities on at the same time so you can avoid them
  • Pick the best place for your event
  • Use social networking sites to get your event out
  • Use posters and handouts
  • Check with the local press, radio and tv
  • Check with the police and local authority if in public
  • Try to raise at least 3x what you spend
  • Try to be “Green” in what you do