Help us to raise money to build a sewing workshop for unemployed mothers in Rwanda who cant take their medication because they have no food to eat so slowly die leaving orphans.  

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Get your friends and family involved to sponsor you to lose weight, feel healthier and happier knowing that you have helped to save lives.

For every man with HIV it is estimated that 5 women become infected.

People in the Rwandan villages are afraid of the disease and will not work with people who are known to be infected and so these poor women are unable to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

Our chairman - Ros, met 70 women in a remote village in the East of Rwanda who told her that if they were to have a sewing workshop cooperative they could all work together to support each other and make clothes to sell at the markets.

They said that there were many other women who were unable to attend the meeting as they were too sick or who were ashamed as they had no decent clothes to wear.

Ros and the women met in a local hand built church which hold a school each day that teaches up to 150 children and also provides a free lunch for the pupils via a food programme. 60 of the pupils are orphans and the midday meal may be all that they have to keep them alive.

Please help CDUK to raise the money to build a sewing workshop to help these mothers to help themselves and to stay alive to support their children.  Thank you


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