Compassion Direct UK (CDUK) provides environmentally-sustainable solutions and self-help projects to rural and mountain children and families in the developing world.

CDUK is a registered international charity based in Wales, UK, helping families and children in a variety of situations who require our support. 

Our work may be with children in shantytowns, rural and mountain schools of Africa or South America, providing wells, fruit trees, and educational materials, or collecting and sending aid to refugee camps in many parts of Europe, Syria, and war-torn areas.

Our aim is to assist people to live independent, useful lives.  We achieve our objectives by working with community groups and organizations who require external funding and support. Where necessary, CDUK create and support new initiatives and work with families to acquire the skills
necessary for independent living.

All our projects are researched by UK trustees and funding is delivered directly to projects bypassing other agencies.  CDUK ensures that the money you give goes directly to those who need it most. We have no paid employees and are entirely dependent upon voluntary contributions.

CDUK believe that we live in an interdependent world and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and promote good environmental practice internationally.