Luz del Alma was CDUK’s very first project in a shantytown in Quilmes on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.  Ros, our chairman, was asked by a social worker to help this project and this was how Compassion Direct UK began.

Luz Del Alma - Light of the Soul

An ancient building was being used as a soup kitchen to feed at least 130 children twice a day.

Here you see the building with new security gates fitted by CDUK and below some of the volunteers who provide the service in their community.

CDUK built a homework and sewing room with a computer so the children could do their homework and their parents could learn a trade.

CDUK also built a storeroom to keep safe the large sacks of dried foods that were donated by Caritas that previously got spoiled or stolen, and we set up a local group to take over the support of this valuable resource for the community.

Map of the shanty towns around the city of Quilmes in 2007.  CDUK worked in Villa Lujan, El Monte, El Materadero.