Knitting groups enable volunteers to meet new people and have fun sharing a favourite craft.

A CDUK knitting group makes your experience even more worthwhile as you get that good feeling that comes with helping other people, knowing that you are doing something useful.  Even if you don’t know the person who is receiving your handmade garment, knowing that it is out there in the world is a great feeling.

If you are new to knitting, joining a group is a great way to pick up new ideas, share patterns, and have someone to help you through difficult projects or explain a new technique.  For knitters of all skill levels, joining a group is a wonderful way to make time for your hobby.

All your knitting will be sent by container to refugee camps in:

  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Palestine
  • France
  • Greece

Tips on getting a knitting group started in your area:

Finding Members

  • Invite friends, and suggest a time and place to meet.  Tell them a bit about the work of CDUK and where some of their knittings can be sent.
  • Encourage your friends to invite others.
  • Post a notice at your local knitting store, library, church, or community notice board.
  • Write to the community page of your local newspaper.
  • Post on your social network sites.

Organizing your Group

  • Pick a date, time, and location for a “getting to know you” meeting.
  • Get everyone to introduce themselves and talk a bit about their knitting experience and explain what they would like to get out of the group.
  • Have an informal discussion about how you would all like the group to develop.
  • Decide how often and where you want to meet.
  • Consider developing a more formal meeting with talks and demonstrations.
  • Search online for free knitting patterns, tips, and ideas.
  • Ask friends for spare wool to keep costs down.

CDUK Support for Knitting Groups

  • CDUK provides leaflets on our latest knitting campaign, Knit for Kids. Get updates on our Facebook Page.
  • CDUK can also provide leaflets on our work in Europe, South America, and Africa.
  • Dependent on location, CDUK may be able to talk to your group about our work.
  • CDUK can provide a charity tin so that you can collect small donations from your members at each meeting.

When you have formed your Knitting Group and started collecting knitting, you can:

Deliver or post your hand-knitted donations to
CDUK Trustee, Chris Cartwright, at:

Faith Cottage, 5 Bridge Street,
Kineton Warwick. CV35 OHP
T: 01926 640904

Upon receipt, it will go out on the next container to Syria.