Volunteers, but not their belongings will be insured by our public liability insurance when working for CDUK on business. It is agreed with CDUK in writing for events.

CDUK are not insured for dangerous sports to raise money, so jumping from a parachute, it is at fundraiser’s own risk.  But thanks for thinking of us!

Equipment & Support:

Collecting tins, receipts, and record sheets are available for volunteers to collect in their local area. Volunteer fundraisers will need to liaise with a local group or a CDUK Trustee so that monitor efforts.

CDUK can supply copies of our generic leaflets or specific project-related leaflets, as appropriate. Just ask for available leaflets on:

Because of our environmental policy, CDUK encourages fundraisers to think of ways of reducing waste (i.e. don’t use paper plates or mugs and raise money when possible, by recycling and reusing existing unwanted goods.)

For larger events, CDUK has a set of display boards and roller posters that can be shipped if costs of doing so will be justified by expected funds raised.  Some local groups prefer to raise money to supply their own.