“No one has ever become poor from giving.”

– Anne Frank

How do we raise money for our projects?

From our supporters’ donations. We can do nothing without you.

  • Counter Collecting Tins
  • Website Donations
  • Standing Orders
  • Door-to-Door Collection: This requires local council permission but is easy after a permit is acquired. If you are interested in supporting in this way, CDUK provides leaflets to their volunteers.
  • Supermarket Collections: Permission from the local council and the supermarket in question is required.
  • Give as you Earn Payroll Giving: Companies allow employees to make regular donations directly to CDUK.
  • Gift Aid: You can Gift Aid your donations to CDUK. Just ask for a Gift Aid form and we will be able to collect aid from your donations, normally up to 25%.
  • Local Fundraising: CDUK has lots of great fundraising ideas. If you do work in your local community, like car washing, gardening, selling plants, planting trees etc., you can ask for funds for CDUK.

Work with CDUK to Raise Funds by:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Corporate Giving
  • Major Donors and Philanthropy
  • EU Funding
  • The Big Give
  • Grant Making Trusts

If you are interested in helping with raising money via these routes, CDUK will liaise and provide you with what you might need.

Reach out to CDUK to get started.