Becoming a CDUK Trustee will enable you to help some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the world.  The opportunity will enable you to participate in life-changing work.

Because we are a small organisation, our trustees don’t just make policy decisions around a table, we are a hands-on organisation, we get down to grassroots and get involved in our local areas when we can.

Depending on the time we have available and our personal skills, we do PR, admin, IT, applications for funds, plan strategy, organise fundraising events, etc. while working with other volunteers and local groups in the area. Working to our strengths and discussing what works with the chairman, other trustees and relevant volunteers.

How much time is required to be a Trustee?

Most importantly, we agree with what time we have available and plan our workload within the time we are able to give. You may only have one hour a week available, but if you put your mind to it, it is amazing what can be achieved when working to a plan and within a team. We can find a way to make your time count. The team prefers that you enjoy what you are doing with CDUK and that you have some fun along the way as well as job satisfaction.

Can I work from home?

Our team work remotely and meet virtually and in-person once a year at the AGM. We are too busy doing what needs to be done to call meetings all the time, but we do keep in touch regularly and chat online. Facebook and Twitter keep us up to date as does the website. This is the new normal.

Is there a financial liability in being a trustee?

The Trustees have a policy of never promising what we can’t afford to deliver. That means that if we don’t have the cash in the bank, we don’t do the project. This way, Trustees do not have to concern themselves that we might go overdrawn or get into debt for which they might be liable. We just don’t do it! Then we can all relax!

We prefer that you work with us for a short time as a volunteer before becoming a trustee. Then when you get the feel of the organisation, we can talk over where you feel your strengths lie and how we can fit them to a role. All trustees work a minimum six months probationary period and while during that time their views will be taken into account they will not be allowed to vote until they have completed their probation. They can still be part of the debate and suggestions for change.

What is available to Promote CDUK?

We have leaflets and collecting tins available to be distributed throughout your local area and various fundraising aids such as display boards and banners.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, Contact CDUK.