About a year ago, CDUK provided about $39,000 Argentinian pesos to Asociación Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales (APAER)

The money provided a garden at a boarding school – not as we know it; so that the children could eat.

The school was built by parents who live many miles away and are often poor llama farmers living in the mountains.  The children could not previously attend school because it was too far for them to walk each day, so the parents decided to build a small boarding school so that their children could attend during the week and go home at weekends.  The garden was essential as they needed to grow food to supplement the small government allowance they receive for a mid-day meal.  The facilities are very basic, but the children receive an education.]

The garden project served as a teaching opportunity. Its implementation at the school offered a unique lesson not only in science and math, but also to observe the benefits of commitment and collaboration.

In addition to the value of being able to supply food directly to the school cafeteria, everything grown in the garden helps to educate about the importance of consuming healthy food.

The garden project aims to extend these benefits to the community, thus generating new jobs that allow the growth and development of the educational community.